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Sharing Dinner

39.50 per person

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A dish with tasty flavours for sharing together. Our chef brings the finest ingredients of each season together for this table full of taste. All dishes are as fresh as can be with a marvelous taste. We serve this Sharing dinner is 3 courses; a Sharing start with all kind of starters, a soup, bread with spreads and fish and meat dishes. Sharing Sensations: the main courses, fish-, meat-, potato- and pasta dishes served with different vegetables. And Sweet sharing; sweet dessert dishes to enjoy together!

Start sharing; different starters, a soup, bread with tapenades and fish and meat dishes

Sharing sensations; the main courses with fish-, meat-, potato- and pasta dishes. Variety of vegetables

Sweet sharing; sweet desserts to enjoy together!

Can be booked all week from 2 persons | ask us for the exact menu | do not forget to inform our colleagues in case of a diet

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